Team Development

Typical Clients

Any executives accountable for leading management, project or virtual teams.

The Offering

Consult and facilitate to new or established teams in both their natural work settings and / or in specifically designed events. Create cohesive / aligned teams which maximise individual skills and experiences and support the achievement of collectively determined and agreed business goals.

Hickmott Consulting do not provide "training" solutions to improve skills but adopt a facilitative approach to:-

  • Assess team effectiveness
  • Share & understand individual leadership behavioural styles / preferences
  • Develop practical action plans
  • Reach agreement on goals

Business Benefits

  • Collective buy-in to strategic and operational plans
  • Effective conflict identification and resolution
  • Improved participative problem-solving and decision-making
  • Better formal and informal team meetings
  • Capitalise on "differences" between individuals
  • and results!



Would you like to know more?

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