Organisational Consulting is a term open to many interpretations – it is a space occupied by many consultants (often independent) with markedly different organisational development (OD) profiles and propositions. Hickmott Consulting views OD as a craft and has built a track-record over many years in situations which required an OD contribution:-

  • Culture change
  • Development of strategic intent and goals
  • Integration of business units and functions
  • Transformation Initiatives
  • Leadership development strategies
  • Performance improvement
  • M&A`s / Strategic Alliances

In those situations where a client needs an OD team in place, Hickmott Consulting can readily access an outstanding pool of like-minded practitioners, of which the partnership relationship with Emergent Solutions is an example.



Change for organisations, leaders and teams.

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What underpins the craft of OD consulting? What is in the Hickmott Consulting tool-box?

  • Strategy tools e.g. SWOT, 7S model
  • Dialogue / Appreciative Inquiry
  • Large-scale involvement workshops
  • Culture assessment
  • Organisational effectiveness diagnostics
  • Action learning
  • Coaching models
  • Change management frameworks
Hickmott Consulting is part of the Hickmott Partnership