Change Implementation


The challenge

Invariably organisations are tackling critical change which they cannot allow to fail. Quality research consistently demonstrates that 60-70% of change initiatives fail to achieve intended objectives, and most often the underlying causes of failure relate to people and change management aspects.
Are you satisfied that you have a robust “people-plan” in place for your change?
Are your people clear about the reasons for change, your vision and strategy?
Do they understand and accept how it will affect them, and how you will support them to change?
Are key decision-makers in all areas affected bought-in?

The proposition

To work alongside your own people to build an effective people-plan which will assess risk and set out key actions. This can be integrated with your existing programme / project plans and include specific actions to strengthen employee involvement and build effective sponsorship throughout your management hierarchy. A flexible approach will be adopted based on partnering with your designated change leaders.

Example assignments

• Sales capability improvement programme for front-line staff in major UK retail organisation
• Introduction of an integrated strategy and organisational go-to-market model for a highly-diversified & culturally different business units in a global medical equipment and services provider
• Global HR Transformation initiative including common processes, Peoplesoft system with self-service for employees and managers, and shared services infrastructure for IT organisation of 40k employees


Your investment will make project success much more likely and also deliver the following:-
• A “people” risk assessment
• A people-plan for your change with actions that matter
• Increased employee engagement
• An important first-step in building change implementation capability




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Since 2000 Ivan Hickmott has taught over 1000 managers and change specialists from different disciplines, sectors and countries. These programmes last from 1-5 days. They focus on the deployment of a world-class change management methodology and tool-box to create people-plans for individual change initiatives, and also to build change capability within organisations.

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