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World Autism Awareness Week


World Autism Awareness Week

Does any of this fit you or your child?

  • Very creative and has a fantastic imagination?
  • Extremely confused by many things including literacy, numeracy and can't focus?
  • Has exceptional talents that go unrecognised?
  • Frequent meltdowns that seen out of proportion to the problem
  • Exhibits fear, anxiety and panic
  • Overwhelmed by the world they live in and would rather withdraw.


For World Autism Awareness Week, starting Friday 27th March, we are running a series of daily free teleseminars. The material comes from many different perspectives and provides you with insights into what is behind many of the Autistic symptoms, and how you can assist families and students.

Each teleseminar will be a 30 min presentation on a specific topic and includes an open frame where the audience can send in questions to be answered.

#1. How mental Imagery relates to the Autistic Spectrum - recording available here
#2. Finding the strengths of people on the Autistic Spectrum - recording here
March 29th 9am: #3. Fear, anxiety, panic and the lizard brain - rescheduled
#4. Insights into Sensory Overload - recording available here
March 31st 8:30am: #5. How many brains do we have and what are they doing?
April 1st 10am: #6. Teaching literacy and numeracy
April 2nd 10am: #7. Open frame for specific questions

These people often can have very fast brains, astounding mental imagery with exceptional access to knowledge and a lightening ability to connect together facts.

They are Extraordinarily Perceptive, Intelligent and Creative, EPIC for short. When you have a lightening fast brain like a Formula 1 racing car and no driving lessons you can be in deep trouble and end up shutting down. This series of teleseminars will start to teach you simple new skills to practice and improve your experience.

Just sign-up opposite to get access to all the teleseminars.

This teleconference is sponsored by the International Association for Health and Learning. If you can't make the dates/times the International Association will offer people signed up, a nominal price purchase all the recordings, at the end of the series.

 "This is so easy, isn't it cheating"


Empowering Learning offers services from the Olive Hickmott, the co-founder of the work known as Seeing Spells Achieving, in association with those we have trained. This work has been further developed, now called Empowering Learning, simplified and extended for other learning difficulties such as ADD/ADHD, Dyspraxia, Tourettes, Dysgraphia, Aspergers and Autism and published in Bridges to Success - How to Transform Learning Difficulties. Empowering Learning is not a replacement for other educational practices and techniques it is complementary.