Empowering Health
- ME, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia



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This book is just for you

Recover your Energy

Call Olive Hickmott for a FREE trial half-hour session today - NO OBLIGATION. Just phone 07970-854388 or e-mail olive@empoweringhealth.co.uk.

You can work with Olive Hickmott immediately, who is a NLP Master Practitioner, EnergeticNLP Master Practitioner and Thought Pattern Management Master Practitioner. She practices from Hertfordshire and can work with you over the telephone (a great benefit when your challenge is exhaustion).

You will also benefit from the supervision and vast experience of Art Giser, creator of EnergeticNLP, in California, USA




Empowering Health is not a replacement for the years of medical practice or alternative medicine available to you, it is complementary. It just offers everyone, using the resources they already possess, the option to focus those resources into positively affecting their health.