Empowering Health
- Activate your energy to aid
your recovery from the flu


  • Have you got the flu?
  • Feeling exhausted?
  • Experiencing that awful ache that goes with the flu?
  • Feel in a fog and quite unsteady?

Let's get you some help that is additional to the normal flu remedies you can buy over the counter - we can teach you to activate your own healing energy, clear your energy blocks and put you on the path to recovery.

Once you realise how your health can benefit from understanding more about your own personal energy, you will realize how your thoughts can assist your recovery from influenza and even swine flu. Energetic NLP draws on the best of energetic teachings and makes them easily accessible, offering you a new perspective, on returning to wellness.

For the last 2 years I have run a project on fatigue – random intermittent events, diagnosed ME, Chronic Fatigue etc and the fatigue that comes with other major chronic illnesses such as Cancer, MS, etc. Don't let your flu trigger off Chronic Fatigue like it has done for many.

With the arrival of the flu, whatever the variety, and so much media attention on it, I have produced this CD to improve your energy flow and give your body support to heal. The fatigue that comes with the flu can be equally debilitating albeit hopefully only for a few days and hence my interest in offering those who are ready to try a new perspective on healing these simple processes that you can run anytime, anyplace and start to recover your energy through the power of thought, your thoughts. It is not intended to get you back to a super busy environment and neglect your body’s messages to rest and recover.

At one level you could consider this as positive thinking, and there is a lot more energy available in positive thinking once you know a few invaluable how to’s.

This CD will help you to understand how your energy can aid your recover, whilst you learn lifelong skills that will help your energy and vitality. The guided stories, you listen to, are simple to follow and invite you to relax, pay attention to your body and clear any energy blocks that are common when people have influenza. You learn how to recover your energy, set your energy to wellness, enabling ongoing healing in the week ahead and move forward to vitality.


Energetic NLP was created by Art Giser (www.energeticNLP.com), who visits the UK twice a year to train people in his work. You will find details on www.energeticNLP.co.uk. My work helping people with chronic and acute illnesses frequently draws from his considerrable knowledge and guidance about human energy systems.

I should also like to draw your attention to the standard advice of rest, drinking liquids and taking supplement such as Vitamin C or Echinacea that will support your immune system. And I would of course recommend seeking medical assistance when appropriate, remembering that this type of health coaching work is completely complementary to any other medical advice, it is not an alternative.



Making a positive difference to your health, costs only a small change in your perspective and some of your time. Is your health worth that?

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" Shouldn't we be teaching this in Schools?"

Empowering Health is not a replacement for conventional medical practice or complementary medicine. It enhances and adds to all of these, empowering the individual to take action, using the resources they already possess, to positively affect their health.