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Research with Computer Science Department

Writing code to create and adapt computer programs is an essential skill for students in the Department of Computer Science and Technology at the University of Bedfordshire.

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"Dyslexia in the workplace"

The benefits to your business, how to incorporate it into a corporate wellness programme to reduce stress and boost your corporate Social Responsibility. A win-win all around.

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"Dear NLPers: Would you like to help others improve poor literacy and numeracy and reduce Dyslexia"


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Corporate Wellness Magazine Is work just getting you down? Are you drained an exhausted? Take a look at Olive and Art's article that received the following praise from the US editor "Wow, I have never received such a professional looking article"
AMED e-O&P Autumn 2010: Writing that Influences "How healing stories create pictures: to make learning a delight" By Olive Hickmott
EnergeticNLP for health and healing

EnergeticNLP has wonderful processes to enhance your health, vitality and ability to heal. Combining the best of NLP, transformative work, energy healing and intuitive development. By Art Giser and Olive Hickmott.

Link to Rapport summer issue Page 28-30

"Wow, fantastic article. You are doing great work, Art, and I thank you for it. I'm in an airport, and you just helped me ground, re-collect my own energy, and connect with my own essence, all before I head off into the air for Scotland!"

What is happening to our really bright visual youngsters?

This article discusses the skills of our youngsters, how visual skills can confuse theem and the simple skills we need to teach so they can excel.

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Involvement and change - leadership dilemmas and myths


This article takes a “story-based” style and explores the importance of involvement and participation as a critical and often neglected ingredient in implementing change successfully and sustainably. The organisation that is featured is undertaking a major change agenda if it is to survive, the like of which it has never previously faced.......

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"Recover your Energy". Extract published in Resource magazine 2009 For the full article click here
The Amoenalife magazine ( is dedicated to show women how they can feel lovely again after breast cancer. The winter 2009 edition has a great article entitled "Running on empty" (pages 6-9)

Below is an extract about how Olive's book or CD (talking book) can help people overcoming cancer to Recover their Energy:

Just as Judy Benson discovered, though, when the energy is overdrawn, the process of returning the balance to theblack can take longer than you think, but developing an awareness of your own needs is crucial.

Author, Olive Hickmott uses the striking analogy of the burnt out house. "Exhaustion is normally born out of a major change. When the medics come in and do the breast cancer treatment it is a bit like the fire brigade coming in - they put out the fire magnificently but you have to deal with the devestation they leave behind."

Olive's most recent book, Recover your energy, written as a healing story, can help. Written for people with Chronic Fatigue, it focuses on discovering your energy system and treating it as respectfully as you would your circulatory or digestive system. "If you accept the fact that once the fire brigade is gone, you need to do some work on you (just as you would have to clean and tidy your house), its easier to understand the process" explains Olive. Her work includes helping women to recognise the difference between negative energy (shock, anxiety, fear) and positive energy. "Most of us don't know anything about our energy" says Olive "until chemo comes along and takes it all away." Using a technique called EnergeticNLP (neurolinguistic programming), Olive helps women better manage their energy.

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A question for headteachers


Why do some really bright youngsters struggle with literacy?

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Published in Resource magazine in 2007

Letting go: the unofficial path to wellbeing. Click here








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