The Hickmott Partnership


The Hickmott Partnership is a family run practice, where the partners Ivan and Olive Hickmott, support an extraordinary range of clients to improve performance and wellbeing in organisations, teams, community groups and individuals.


Are you interested in wellness? Olive offers coaching and workshops for your personal growth that provides techniques for "how to" positively affect your own health by changing the way you think about yourself and shifting blocked energy

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Olive is an expert in helping people with learning difficulties, especially overcoming dyslexia and dyscalculia through visualisation. She is well known for publishing Seeing Spells Achieving that has empowered so many adults and children to read and spell.

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The International Association for Health and Learning is a membership organisation to spread the word

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Published New Persectives books and CDs:
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Seeing Spells Achieving
You too can 'do' health!
Recover your Energy book and CD
Activate your healing energy series - Wellwoman, Physical injuries, the flu

Published articles (available FREE on-line):

Involvement and change
Recover your energy
Running on empty
Letting go: the unofficial path to wellbeing